Adding an addon domain in cPanel

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The process of adding an addon domain in cPanel
by Ana RednicViews 1586Updated now 1 yearPublished 31/01/2018


This tutorial explains the steps you need to add an addon domain.


  • a valid domain
  • a cPanel account


  • In order to add an addon domain, we will log in to the cPanel account and go to the Domains section,

and then click the Addon Domain button that will take us to a new page where you can add the addon that you want.

  • In the first field below, new domain name will add the addon domain name, in our case Just fill in the first field and click on the page to automatically fill in the other two subdomain fields and the document root.
  • Finish this operation by clicking the Add Domain button and the confirmation of adding the domain will appear on the screen.
  • It is important that after you add the addon domain to change the nameservers in the domain administration panel (eg. ROTLD) to make it functional.

  • You can also modify the other two fields manually if you want.
  • cPanel will automatically create a subdomain for the addon domain, and the root of the document, the path of the directory associated with the addon domain may remain the one suggested or it may be modified as needed.
  • If we check the box create an FTP account associated with this add-on, below this box will show us more options, fields that will allow us to add a FTP associated with the new addon domain.


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