Change/upgrade multiple accounts

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This article explains how to upgrade/modify multiple accounts simultaneously under one reseller
by Mihai BobriucViews 616Updated now 1 yearPublished 06/09/2022


This tutorial explains how to upgrade/modify one or more cPanel accounts simultaneously under a reseller from their WHM admin panel


  • a WHM account

Steps to follow

  • Once logged into the WHM admin panel, search in the top left search box for "Modify/upgrade multiple accounts" and select the result

Modificare /upgrade conturi multiple WHM

  • in the next window a list of all accounts held by the reseller will be displayed

Lista conturi reseller

  • if there are a lot of accounts, you can use the search boxes on the right of the list and the search criteria provided by it

Cautare cont reseller

  • once the desired accounts are selected from the list, with the help of the "Locale" option you can choose the language in which the selected accounts will be displayed, and with the "Package" option you can choose the package that will be assigned to them

Sectiunea Locale si Package

  • after choosing the desired options, press the "Change" button"

  • after successfully making the changes, a confirmation message will be displayed that will include all the selected accounts

Modificare /upgrade conturi multiple

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