Obtaining the EPP code for the common extensions net, com, biz, eu, org, etc.

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Description of the steps required to obtain the EPP code
by Mihai BobriucViews 1177Updated now 8 monthsPublished 24/01/2019


  • In this tutorial we will show you where you can get the EPP code


  • Access to the customer account.


  • After logging into the customer account you will go to the Domains section - > My domains

  • You will choose the domain for which you want the EPP code, then select the button labeled Setup to the right of the domain name

  • After accessing the button, you will access the "Request EPP code" section

It is possible that the EPP code is not displayed on certain domains, in this case the commercial department will be contacted
make sure before requesting the EPP code that the domain is still active for at least 15 - 30 days

  • for more special extensions, it may be necessary to generate an EPP code, in this regard please contact the commercial department.
  • before using the EPP code to move a domain, make sure that the domain does not have one or more protection options checked, for example: Anti Theft (Theft Protection / Domain Lock / Registrar Lock) și WHOIS / ID Protection 

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