PrestaShop, the student project that became a top E-commerce platform

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What is PrestaShop and why should it be considered as a CMS platform?
by Mihai BobriucViews 254Updated now 3 monthsPublished 17/03/2022
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We all know the story of the development of Microsoft from a garage, or the social network Facebook created from a campus dormitory, but the truth is that most successful projects start in unexpected places. This fact is also valid for the project presented in this article: PrestaShop.

Originally called phpOpenStore, the platform was born as a student project, which in just three months after its launch, took off and was officially translated into thirteen different languages.
Being a free and open source platform with many features, it is ideal for online commerce. The robust and efficient structure offered both at the level of development and use makes this CMS (Content Management System) the top choice for entities that want to market their products via the Internet.

In addition to being free, PrestaShop also provides premium content. This premium content, however, is optional, and anyone with the right skills can create a structured fund for their desired site.

As the name of the platform suggests, the "shop" is the focal point of attraction. Unlike other platforms, the goal is limited to only one work object, but the lack of variety is compensated by the functions and customization possibilities. Whether we are talking about a presentation store or a site with thousands of products, PrestaShop offers everything you need to run a professional activity:

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  • Functionality
    Stylish themes
    High number of modules
    Extensive documentation
    Possibility of optimization on all platforms
    User interface in over 65 languages

Modern commerce comes with strong competition between websites, so any advantage can be the difference between capturing a market segment or losing it.
Despite the fact that the number of E-commerce websites is increasing, many of them do not present the necessary elements for a successful activity.
Even if at the moment, PrestaShop is not the market leader when it comes to E-commerce platforms, the number of users is constantly growing.

From a security point of view, websites whose main purpose is commerce are frequent targets for cyber attacks. in most cases this happens by abusing a security breach, so it is necessary for the platform to be as solid as possible from a security point of view.

Over time, Prestashop has had several security breaches, but each time the development team managed to solve them in the shortest possible time, thus demonstrating PrestaShop's long-term reliability.

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