Setting up mail forms via SMTP in phpBB

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This tutorial shows how to set up a mail form using SMTP authentication in the phpBB application
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This tutorial explains how to set up SMTP mail forms in phpBB.


  • A valid hosting account and domain.
  • phpBB application installed on the hosting and access to its admin panel.
  • A mailbox created in the hosting panel that will be used for sending emails.

Steps to follow:

  • It will access the administration page of the phpBB application, where we will use the login data in its platform.

login admin phpBB

  • On the main administration page, from the General tab, access the Email settings menu in the CLIENT COMMUNICATION section, located on the left side of the page.

setari email

  • In the page something will be displayed, we will set the forms as follows:
    General settings section

1. Enable board-wide emails choose the Enabled option to allow sending emails

enable board emails


2. Users send email via board choose the Disabled option so that forum members cannot send emails under the signature of the website address.

send email via board phpBB

3. Email package size a value as low as possible is recommended in order not to overload the email server.

email package size

4. Maximum allowed email recipients a value as low as possible is recommended in order not to send a single email to a large number of recipients, which may lead to overloading the mail server, in the event that a single address from the chosen ones cannot receive that message from several reason.

maximum allowed recipients

5. Contact email address fill in the email address from which the messages will be sent.

adresa mail contact

6. Contact name fill in the name that you want to be displayed when receiving an email by the recipient.

nume contact

7. From email address fill in the emails address from which the messages will be sent.

from email address

8. Force from email address is set to NO.

force from email address

9. Email signature fill in the details of the signature that you want to appear in the email sent.

email signature

10. Hide email addresses it will be set according to preference whether or not to hide email addresses.

hide email addresses

11. Send a test email through this function a test of the functionality of the settings can be made after the procedure is completed.

send a test email

Section SMTP settings

1. Use SMTP server for email will be set to Yes to be able to use the SMTP sending protocol.

smtp server for email

2. SMTP server address fill in the name of the email server in the form

smtp server address

3. SMTP server port the port related to the secure SMTP connection service 587 will be filled.

smtp server port

4. Authentication method for SMTP the LOGIN method will be selected.

metoda autentificare smtp

5. SMTP username the user of the email box from which the messages will be sent will be filled in.

smtp username

6. SMTP password the password of the email box from which the messages will be sent will be filled in.

parola smtp email

7. Verify SSL certificate the Yes option will be set for email traffic to be carried out using the SSL secure method.

verificare certificat ssl

8. Verify SMTP peer name the Yes option will be set to verify the connection to the email server through the secure SSL protocol.

verificare smtp peer name

9. Allow self-signed SSL certificates the No option will be set to allow operation only through an SSL certificate issued by a competent authority.

self sign ssl certificate

  • After completing the settings, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

subimit changes

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