Woocommerce extension that shaped the Wordpress CMS

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An extension as much as a platform, Woocommerce has become the preferred way to develop an online store.
by Mihai BobriucViews 165Updated now 8 monthsPublished 26/08/2022
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The popularity of Wordpress has brought an influx of developers, who have enriched the functionality and interface of the platform with "plugin" applications to cover all the needs of a user. At the moment there is a Wordpress plugin for everything, but one of the most popular and well-made is WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a free plugin that allows you to sell online in an elegant way, built to integrate seamlessly with Wordpress. Developed in 2011 by the WooThemes team, in just three years after its launch, the platform already had over 380,000 active sites. The plugin is the most popular e-commerce solution (currently WooCommerce owns more than 30% of online stores), giving both developers and store owners full control over information as well as financial flexibility, integrating most popular payment modules in a secure environment, from Paypal to Stripe.

Being a leading commerce platform, user expectations after launching a website on WooCommerce can be summarized as follows:

1. We are launching the website 
2. The potential customer analyzes the offer and makes a purchase based on what is presented 
3. The customer returns in the future for other purchases

Even if through WooCommerce the quality of the website will have a clear advantage conferred by the customer interface and the navigation facility, the targets presented above are not easy to achieve, it is very important our general way of execution and the decisions we will make both on during development and after.

However, WooCommerce developers come to our aid to make our work easier and increase our chances of success by providing multiple elements that we can use according to our needs:

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  • Advanced graphic customization
  •  Over 500 official extensions
  • Numerous professional themes
  • Product rating system
  • Unlimited number of displayed products
  • Advanced product filtering

One thing must be made clear whether we are using WooCommerce or any other platform available in the market, security is perhaps the most important thing, so we recommend having a series of minimum security measures in place to avoid people with malicious intentions from negatively affecting the website:

  • Implement a strong password - Most sites are vulnerable to a weak password. A strong password will require generating a password with multiple numeric and alphanumeric characters.
  • Correct file permissions - File permissions are a set of rules by which the site works. An incorrect setting of these can leave the site vulnerable to attacks.
  • Use of hacked/corrupted themes - This may lead to the collection of personal information without the user's consent.

By ensuring the security of the website, we will not only reduce vulnerabilities to a minimum, but also provide customers with the security necessary for them to continue browsing the platform, implicitly thus increasing the chances of selling the products or services marketed, making available multiple elements that we can use according to needs.

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