How do I choose a suitable hosting package?

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Unlike other services, WebHosting is designed to provide plans for all users. Find out now which hosting package would suit your business.
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There are several aspects to consider when choosing a suitable hosting plan.
Among them are: the required space, the available budget, the application used, the number of daily visitors, the resource consumption generated by the application.

After establishing the data from the list above according to them, one can opt for either a shared hosting package or a virtual private server based on the resources presented by them.
Obviously, there will be situations where the budget will be too small for the needs of the site, or what it assumes would represent the needs of the site will be a lesser value than the chosen hosting package.
At any time there may be a situation where one of the items in the above list is much higher than the others and then this will be the criterion on the basis of which the hosting package should be chosen.
For example, the space requirement may be small but the resource consumption may be high. The reverse is also possible, low resource consumption but high space requirement.

The offers regarding shared hosting and the resources offered by them can be consulted on the Hosting page respectively on the Hosting Resources page.
As for the offer for virtual private servers, this is available on the VPS page.

If there are any doubts in choosing a hosting package, the Hostico team is always available with advice in this regard.

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