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Do you offer SSH access ?Frequently Asked Questions Technical | ssh | access | hosting
Find out if we offer SSH access!
by Ana RednicViews 473Updated now 1 yearPublished 25/10/2018
What is CAPTCHA and what are the differences between CAPTCHA, ReCAPTCHA, and NoCAPTCHA?Frequently Asked Questions Technical | captcha | recaptcha | nocaptcha
CAPTCHA technology, the arbiter between the human factor and the digital one
by Mark DohiViews 965Updated now 1 yearPublished 30/04/2022
What is the difference between SSD and NVMeFrequently Asked Questions Technical | nvme | ssd | storage | cloud | vps
The advantages of NVMe technology
by Mark DohiViews 787Updated now 1 yearPublished 30/04/2022
How do I redirect a domain from HTTP to HTTPS?Frequently Asked Questions Technical | https | ssl | redirect
Find out the procedure by which you can redirect a domain from HTTP to HTTPS
by Ana RednicViews 474Updated now 1 yearPublished 25/10/2018
What happens if my site breaks your Terms of Service?Frequently Asked Questions Technical | terms and conditions | tos | breach
Find out what happens if you breach the Terms of Service of Hostico
by Mark DohiViews 446Updated now 2 yearsPublished 25/05/2019
What is the difference between a VPS and a Dedicated server?Frequently Asked Questions Technical | vps | dedicated server | virtualization | virtual machine
Two similar services, but with notable differences
by Mark DohiViews 428Updated now 1 yearPublished 30/04/2022
What's the difference between traditional and cloud hosting services?Frequently Asked Questions Technical | cloud | hosting | host | vps
Traditional Hosting Services vs. Cloud Hosting
by Mark DohiViews 390Published now 1 yearPublished 29/04/2022
What is KVM?Frequently Asked Questions Technical | kvm | virtualization | virtual machine | vps
KVM hypervisor system information
by Mark DohiViews 384Updated now 1 yearPublished 29/04/2022